Other Areas of Coverage We Provide

Renters Insurance

Are you a renter and don't know why you need insurance? The main reason you need insurance is for the liability coverage. You might not think you own much or have much to lose, but a loss to all you have can set you back for many years. Renters insurance can be purchased for as low as $12 per month. Give our office a call to protect your future.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Are you ready to hit the road in your new RV? Before you leave on that vacation make sure you stop in to make sure you and your RV have what you need. Call us today to discuss recreational vehicle insurance plans!

Motorcycle Insurance

When it comes to getting insurance for your motorcycle, you need an insurance agent who understands them. Whether you're looking to insure your Harley Davidson or sports bike, you should call the agents at Dale's Insurance Agency. We have the knowledge necessary to fit motorcycle owners with the insurance coverage they need.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is needed in case of a terrible, unexpected event. It is designed to protect the policy owner from major claims and lawsuits. This insurance will protect your future and your important assets. Umbrella insurance also insures you above the limits of your other policies (home, auto, etc.).

  • For example, let's pretend you cause a car accident and your current auto insurance policy covers up to $200,000 for the bodily injuries you cause to others, but the costs of bodily injury is $10,000 over your limit. Your umbrella insurance will be set and ready to cover the remaining costs. For more information on how exactly umbrella insurance can protect you, call us today!